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יצירת התראה
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 שםסימולשער אחרון % שינויסה"כ נכסיםשעה
 Yelin Lapidot 90/10LP6812.129.170+0.05%3.16B19/09 
 Ayalim Bonds Portfolio 20LP6503.2,977.330+0.03%2.68B19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot 20/80LP6813.141.010+0.09%2.44B19/09 
 Ayalim Managed ShekelLP6503.463.9400.00%1.86B19/09 
 MORE FlexibleLP6510.222.300+0.27%1.8B19/09 
 Ayalim Bonds Portfolio 10LP6503.173.680+0.05%1.69B19/09 
 More Managed Bond Portfolio 30LP6825.117.700+0.11%1.61B19/09 
 Analyst 80/20LP6812.139.720+0.22%1.56B18/09 
 Yelin Lapidot 25/75LP6824.116.630+0.34%1.52B18/09 
 Analyst Diversified Portfolio 90/10LP6824.113.410+0.06%1.35B19/09 
 Ayalim Model 15LP6503.229.020+0.03%1.27B19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot EquityLP6503.270.510+1.41%1.23B18/09 
 Edmond de Rothschild Bond 10LP6503.115.190+0.02%1.14B19/09 
 Ayalim Managed Corporate BondsLP6503.174.780+0.05%1.13B19/09 
 Alumot Managed Portfolio 15LP6510.157.040+0.04%1.13B19/09 
 More Managed Bond Portfolio !LP6824.117.070+0.01%1.13B19/09 
 More Managed Government Bonds 10LP6825.109.330+0.08%1.12B19/09 
 Psagot Focused 80/20LP6824.117.370+0.04%1.11B19/09 
 MTF Tel Bond ShekelLP6812.141.250+0.03%1.11B19/09 
 Meitav Managed Portfolio 15LP6503.108.110+0.05%1.06B19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Model 150P0000.143.140+0.06%995.06M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Internal Rating SysteLP6824.119.670+0.03%979.73M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham Glbl Bond Stk FreeLP6503.137.200-0.44%954.33M18/09 
 Forest BondLP6508.179.970+0.02%932.57M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Total ReturnLP6824.112.560+0.03%910.79M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham Equity StormLP6503.1,294.080+1.84%900.59M18/09 
 Psagot 90/10 PlusLP6515.131.440+0.11%858M18/09 
 MORE Bonds PlusLP6504.195.040+0.11%850.6M19/09 
 Psagot PremiumLP6508.203.480+0.62%847.34M18/09 
 Edmond de Rothschild Bnd Portfl +30LP6503.206.720+0.02%803.44M19/09 
 MTF Government BondsLP6812.123.880+0.05%796.79M19/09 
 Alumot no Equity Investment PortfolLP6508.159.090+0.04%791.65M19/09 
 MTF S&P 500 Series 1LP6824.172.960-0.12%780.57M18/09 
 Alumot 10/90LP6503.169.010+0.05%733.52M19/09 
 Migdal Corporate BondsLP6503.188.690-0.01%682.66M19/09 
 Azimuth 90/10 DividendLP6812.147.610+0.05%665.99M19/09 
 Barometer Bonds 15/85LP6503.191.510+0.05%653.48M19/09 
 Meitav DS Corporate without EquitieLP6503.523.930+0.04%653.02M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham YETERLP6503.370.880+0.61%646.62M19/09 
 KESEM KTF Tel Bond Non CPI LinkedLP6812.145.580+0.03%633.37M19/09 
 MTF Fixed Rate Shekel Gov Bd 2 5 YrLP6803.134.150-0.01%632.96M19/09 
 MTF Fixed Rate Shekel Government BoLP6824.122.660-0.04%619.99M19/09 
 Axioma Bonds without EquityLP6508.159.450+0.02%617.17M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham Shiklit without StLP6503.317.730-0.02%611.45M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Israel EquityLP6812.202.890+0.29%604.53M19/09 
 MORE Non CPI Linked BondLP6812.149.360-0.01%579.13M19/09 
 Sigma Corporate BondsLP6508.163.900+0.09%562.27M19/09 
 Tachlit TTF Tel Bond UnlinkedLP6812.153.170+0.03%521.6M19/09 
 Ayalim Managed Bond Portfolio 30LP6503.271.180+0.09%508.32M19/09 
 MORE Non CPI Linked Gov Bond no EquLP6510.147.3700.00%499.74M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot YETERLP6510.387.450+0.44%487.7M19/09 
 Tiltan 90/10LP6508.85.690+0.06%485.2M19/09 
 Meitav DS Bond A Security ComponentLP6503.173.310+0.02%484.47M19/09 
 Meitav Active without StocksLP6812.142.170+0.02%470.64M19/09 
 Meitav Ex Tel Bond 60 UnlinkedLP6503.157.330+0.01%459.74M19/09 
 I.B.I. NASDAQ 100 BasketLP6824.210.980-0.18%427.11M18/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Internal Rating ModelLP6812.125.150+0.02%423.63M19/09 
 Meitav Stocks Buy SideLP6504.203.620+1.13%418.82M18/09 
 I.B.I. 90/10LP6824.114.940+0.08%405.8M19/09 
 Forest 20/80LP6824.110.460+0.03%378.45M19/09 
 KESEM KTF General Government BondLP6812.136.240+0.05%375.92M19/09 
 Psagot Bond Secure Comp In House RaLP6812.151.150+0.04%372.88M19/09 
 Edmond De Rothschild Select up to 20P0000.139.300+0.02%362.1M19/09 
 Psagot Tel Aviv Mid CapLP6824.213.600+1.73%341.77M18/09 
 I.B.I. Tel Bond Shekel BasketLP6812.150.500+0.03%338.98M19/09 
 Tachlit TTF S&P 500LP6503.281.520-0.12%338.31M18/09 
 Ayalon Portfolio without EquityLP6824.119.060+0.05%332.28M19/09 
 Migdal 90/10 PlusLP6824.118.820+0.00%328.56M19/09 
 Analyst Small Mic Cap EquitiesLP6503.1,080.450+0.67%313.12M19/09 
 Ayalim Managed CPI Linked BondLP6503.931.090+0.08%311.83M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham Real EstateLP6504.497.780+0.15%308.04M19/09 
 Meitav OpportunitiesLP6504.150.570+0.07%290.61M19/09 
 Alumot Government Savings 10LP6503.173.260+0.03%289.72M19/09 
 Migdal High Yield BondLP6824.145.930+0.03%287.51M19/09 
 MTF CPI Linked Government Bond 5 10LP6820.121.640+0.12%287.22M19/09 
 Migdal upto 3 Yrs Total Return PortLP6812.135.090+0.00%269.3M19/09 
 Psagot Companies Investment ManagemLP6504.2,935.140+0.07%268.37M19/09 
 Psagot USA Index PlusLP6824.170.850+0.02%268.31M18/09 
 Psagot Global Dividend EquityLP6504.323.410-0.24%265.65M18/09 
 Migdal Model 15LP6802.146.370+0.03%256.49M19/09 
 Sigma Shekel BondLP6504.79.460+0.03%251.15M19/09 
 PTF Government BondsLP6802.138.780+0.05%250.45M19/09 
 Harel Shekel Track 1 4 YearsLP6510.149.810-0.03%249.89M19/09 
 Psagot Global MID CAPLP6504.146.900+0.27%247.87M18/09 
 Psagot Managed Shekel Plus no EquitLP6804.131.540+0.02%246.3M19/09 
 Altshuler Shaham 20/80 TA MID CAPLP6812.152.620+0.06%241.21M19/09 
 Analyst 90/10LP6812.134.070+0.07%237.71M19/09 
 Cramim Corporate BondLP6508.112.460+0.06%237.02M19/09 
 Analyst BondsLP6510.175.500+0.07%236.4M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Bond Portfolio 30LP6504.170.770+0.06%235.08M19/09 
 MTF Fixed Rate Shekel Gov Bds 5 YeaLP6824.153.090-0.08%233.27M19/09 
 KESEM KTF Fixed Rate Shekel Gov BdLP6812.134.260-0.01%227.55M19/09 
 Analyst InvestmentsLP6503.659.210+1.25%226.85M18/09 
 Psagot Shekel 1 3 YearsLP6813.128.950+0.01%226.8M19/09 
 I.B.I Bonds Plus 90/10LP6503.1,198.780+0.08%225.28M19/09 
 Analyst Diversified0P0000.4,346.990+0.20%223.31M19/09 
 More EquityLP6504.224.630+0.25%221.58M19/09 
 Alumot Corporate Bonds A Plus 10LP6504.170.400+0.05%218.26M19/09 
 Yelin Lapidot Government 150P0001.107.12+0.08%214.74M19/09 
 Harel Platinum ShekelLP6503.418.560+0.02%213.6M19/09 
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